A wretched heart …

Story of a heart forced into its cage. Source: A wretched heart …


A wretched heart …

A million times I rein my heart

When it tries to gallop and exult! 
Fetching it from unusual places

Confining it to its destined spaces! 
Though I find no joy in cages and shackles

But it gives me a hard time fighting my battles! 
It has to stay where it is to stay

To limit my burden, it has tio obey! 
I have to do what I am to do

Before the night is black and my master is back! 

A beautifully shackled mind… :’)


Ever since I first blinked ,
I’ve been programmed for what to think!

Stand tall, head straight, talk less,
Stay neat, don’t make a mess!

And at times when I would stress,
I’d have my emotions suppressed!

Hey! What’s that in your eye?
It is but for the weak to cry!

As years and years passed by,
They’d set my goals and I wouldn’t deny!

Bringing back what I was asked to bring,
Because that’s what made their hearts sing!

After ages of leaps and gallops,
I looked back to see what I’ve gathered!

Expecting to be filled with joy,
Because that’s how I should feel, ‘Joy!’

Feeling nothing but an empty ‘I’
I realised I was living a lie!

But as I wasn’t designed to give up,
I thought of a path to joy, I stood up!

I began to search my brain for,
A dream, a wish, a goal, in vain!

It struck me that I had lost a treasure!
A treasure worth beyond measure!

I couldn’t think, imagine or dream,
I understood what they took from me!

I missed being the child I never was,
I missed the dreams I never knew!

I broke as I sat down and comply,
Indeed, it’s only human to cry!

A letter to love itself!


Dear Love,
I know you’re not quite well. I know things are not right for you. How would they even be ? Being misunderstood and taken for something you’re not, losing your very meaning , your very reason of existence! I know it must feel horrible when two fair skinned people get along just to look perfect to the world and call that ‘Love’ ? I know it feels terrible when you cannot speak and scream to the world that it’s not true! That’s not love! That’s not you! I know you want to scream and tell them what you really are! Imagining myself in this state, my lips sealed, being misunderstood! Yes! Yes!  I can feel that pain and I am so sorry for what you have to go through! I know how it feels like to completely lose your meaning…
And when the people who fall into this trap , fail and curse you and say that they hate “Love”! I know it’s not your fault! How can a person hate being loved? You’re being mistaken for something you’re not!
I’m so sorry to put you through this. I’m so sorry for being so fickle, so superficial! I’m so sorry for misunderstanding you. For you are the most beautiful thing in the world.
I know it’s hard but I’m trying, I’m trying to put that meaning back into you , just stay strong like you are. You know your power.
Just stay in a mother’s heart when she looks at her child, in a brother’s smile for her sister, in a father’s kindness for his daughter. You are still strong. You are wounded but still far stronger than “Hate” can ever be! I promise I’ll bring back your true value, your true meaning into you!
And I know they won’t care ! They’ll carry on because many more emotions have replaced you but I want you to know that I love you “Love” , in your most pure form. And they’re a million more if not trillions who still value you.
Stay strong!
We’re counting on you.
With love…